Check out the tons of activities you can do at Jump Yard Indoor Trampoline Park

Dodgeball1Dodge Ball – Dodge Ball has never been this fun! Our trampolines allow players to jump high, bounce and twist just to avoid that flying ball. Best played with friends, but expect to meet new ones too!
Cage-Ball1Cage Ball – The object of the game is to score the most points in 2 minutes by shooting into the opposite goal. Go ahead! Play with your best buddy or practice jumping and shooting until you’re ready for the big time.

Slam Dunk
Slam Dunk Basketball– Do the perfect dunk at Jump Yard Indoor Trampoline Park’s Slam Dunk section. You’ll surely be flying high!

Main Court
Open Jump Trampoline – There’s no better way to describe this than as jumping up and down, up and down, up and down! Go as high as you can! See who’s jumping the highest among your family and friends.

Foam-Pit1Foam Pit – Fly and land on a soft bed of foam—and we mean lots and lots of foam. Dive, swim, roll and laugh out loud with all the fun it brings!


Wall Climb – Climb our rock-climbing wall! If you slip, you’ll land in our foam pit. Don’t get confused. Our trampoline park has two Foam Pits.

Balance Beam – Try crossing from one end of the beam to the other without falling into the foam pit!

Monkey Bars – Cross over the foam pit on the monkey bars!

Swinging Foam Bags – Swing from one foam bag to the next without falling into the foam pit.

Olympic-Trampoline1Olympic Trampolines – Built for the highest bounces, these will surely leave you exhilarated!

Parties – We love to celebrate! That’s why at Jump Yard Indoor Trampoline Park, we offer party packages that guarantee an awesome time with family and your closest buddies.

Events – Participate in our trampoline park’s special tournaments and get a chance to win prizes, or at the very least, bragging rights! Feel free to organize your own get-togethers and we will assist you in any way we can.

Corporate – Our indoor trampoline park is also an excellent venue for team-building activities. Dodge Ball promotes sportsmanship and challenges players to come up with a winning strategy. There are other ways to build team spirit and we can help you with this. Call us now and let’s start planning.

Fitness – Jumping on a trampoline provides a good cardio workout. Fitness classes will be available soon at our trampoline park.